The Time Traders

The Time Traders If it is possible to conquer space then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledg

  • Title: The Time Traders
  • Author: Andre Norton Mark Douglas Nelson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Audiobook
  • If it is possible to conquer space, then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledge the Russians possessed Perhaps Russian scientists had discovered how to transport themselves back in time in order to learn long forgotten secrets of the past That was whIf it is possible to conquer space, then perhaps it is also possible to conquer time At least that was the theory American scientists were exploring in an effort to explain the new sources of knowledge the Russians possessed Perhaps Russian scientists had discovered how to transport themselves back in time in order to learn long forgotten secrets of the past That was why young Ross Murdock, above average in intelligence but a belligerently independent nonconformist, found himself on a hush hush government project at a secret base in the Arctic The very qualities that made him a menace in civilized society were valuable traits in a man who must successfully act the part of a merchant trader of the Beaker people during the Bronze Age.For once they were transferred by time machine to the remote Baltic region where the Russian post was located, Ross and his partner Ashe were swept into a fantastic action filled adventure involving Russians, superstitious prehistoric men, and the aliens of a lost galactic civilization that demanded every ounce of courage the Americans possessed.Approx 7 hours

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    The Time Traders

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    • Andre Norton Mark Douglas Nelson

      Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens, inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her, as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market, to choose a literary pseudonym In 1934 she legally changed her name to Andre Alice The androgynous Andre doesn t really say male to English speaking readers, even though it is a man s name in other languages i.e Norwegian She also used the names Andrew North and Allen Weston as pseudonyms.Andre Norton published her first novel in 1934, and was the first woman to receive the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society in 1977, and won the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA association in 1983.Norton was twice nominated for the Hugo Award, in 1964 for the novel Witch World and in 1967 for the novelette Wizard s World She was nominated three times for the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement, winning the award in 1998 Norton won a number of other genre awards, and regularly had works appear in the Locus annual best of year polls.On February 20, 2005, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, which had earlier honored her with its Grand Master Award in 1983, announced the creation of the Andre Norton Award, to be given each year for an outstanding work of fantasy or science fiction for the young adult literature market, beginning in 2006 Often called the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy by biographers such as J M Cornwell and organizations such as Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Publishers Weekly, and Time, Andre Norton wrote novels for over 70 years She had a profound influence on the entire genre, having over 300 published titles read by at least four generations of science fiction and fantasy readers and writers Notable authors who cite her influence include Greg Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold, C J Cherryh, Cecilia Dart Thornton, Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey, Charles de Lint, Joan D Vinge, David Weber, K D Wentworth, and Catherine Asaro.

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    • This book is fine for what it is a fast paced, time travel pulp fiction I m not familiar with Andre Norton or 1950s sci fi pulp, so I don t know if this is standard in the genre To me, plot, characters, and narration are pretty straightforward, though there isn t much depth to them, and the social climate and politics of the time, mainly the Cold War, feature heavily in the plot.The story overall didn t interest me I found it rather bland actually However, there was lots of action and something [...]

    • Executive Summary I m not a great gauge for Science Fiction, especially older works as I generally don t read and enjoy it as much as fantasy There were elements here I liked, but not enough ever really get into the story I considered giving this a 2.5 and rounding up, but opted to just stick to 2.Full ReviewOf all the science fiction tropes, time travel has always been one of my favorite Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Looper, Primer, Terminator among others You ll notice though that all of tho [...]

    • I don t know how many times I have read this book, but it just gets better with time It has been some years since last reading it, and I had forgotten the story line I loved being able to read a book that was new but old at the same time D I love almost all the books that Andre Norton has written.

    • To be honest, I didn t read the paperback, but the free digital book offered by Baen Thank god for them I am tired of finding science fiction tailored for today s YA readers with disposable cash and love to be spoon fed Classic tales like this one from Andre Norton remind me why I fell in love with science fiction in the first place stories take place on strange worlds and new technology is met with wonder, not suspicion.Characters aren t as complex read deep as many in today s best sellers, but [...]

    • This was one of my favorite science fiction books when I was a kid My brothers and I read it over and over Of course, the cold war setting is now an anachronism, but for us it was everyday reality I loved the characters, I loved the story, I loved the imagery When we were really exhausted from a long day outdoors, my brother James would say The red jelly We need the red jelly And of course we d know exactly what he meant.I haven t read it for years I wonder how it would hold up P.S I didn t read [...]

    • This was not the Andre Norton book I wanted to read This book borrows from the past, not improving much on the Edgar Rice Burroughsliterary invent of a modern man in a pre modern society John Carter This time instead of a magical cave, Norton uses a time travel plate I hope this is not representative of Norton s style, rather writing for the literary market of the 1950s with its go it alone main protagonist against the Reds

    • A slightly revised edition of a book originally published back in the good old pulp days The overall story had some good ideas and it s not bad, but unfortunately it follows a formula that gets old really quickly if you have read enough of them It goes something like this Protagonist is thrown into an unusual situation.Gets captured by tribe A, but then escapes.Gets captured by tribe B but escapes again repeat several times Is facing certain death from tribe C but is then rescued by an ally he b [...]

    • This is a classic book by the classic Science Fiction and Fantasy writer, Andre Norton This ebook consisted of the title story and its sequel, Galactic Derelict, the first written in 1958, the second in 1959, and both updated in 2000 In both, Norton comes off as a capable writer, but not an especially great one I m sure many of her fans would disagree on that point, so she probably wrote some great stuff later on But here I encountered some awkward prose in places, and it was often hard to tell [...]

    • Let s send criminals back in time to steal alien technology to end the Cold War Dang I almost made it sound interesting.

    • The Time Traders by Andre Norton is a time travel book I m usually a sucker for those sort of stories, but this one felt a bit too tied to the time it was written.It s the Cold War, and the US and Russia have discovered time travel The race is on to find out what the Russians are doing with it Ross Murdock is recruited to be part of a team that goes back After being trained, he is sent out with a small team posing as Beaker traders From that point on, things go sideways, including things that th [...]

    • A free download for Kindle of a classic novel I knew nothing about this story but I certainly know of Norton and have read some of her work in the past It s the story of a ne er do well who os given a choice jail or sign up for a secret mission He chooses the later And it turns out the secret mission involves time travel into the past to find out why the Russians have seemingly come upon new technologies they shouldn t have Murdock is on his first mission into the past and he discovers the sourc [...]

    • Mostly bland Cold War infused time travel thriller adventure with mediocre characters, mediocre writing and not too much exciting done with the science fiction concepts Even undoes the fun it could have had just as an action y adventure via some lame escapes For instance, a tip for Russian time travel agents who want to kill an enemy agent view spoiler if you posses a gun, shoot the enemy in the head Do not, as in this book, instead plan to make them die of cold by leaving them alone in a hole i [...]

    • I d compare this book to a Cold War era version Time Salvager by Wesley Chu Rather than agents time traveling to collect rare artifacts needed in a future society, it is to compete with the Russians, who are winning, in developing technology The book was entertaining at times but all plot developments were brought on from pretty much the same problem cropping up time after time the problem omitted for spoiler reasons And that gets boring when it happens the third time The free ebook version come [...]

    • Dated and extremely YA, the first half was pretty boring and the second half picked up well, seemed like a couple of long short stories sewn together to make a novel Norton has skill to be sure, I would like to read something adult from her.

    • This is the first of Andre Norton s Time Traders series featuring Ross Murdock It s standard Norton, which means it s good enjoyable science fiction aimed at young adults, but adults can enjoy it Published in 1958, it has a 50s Cold War sensibility which I found interesting Ross is a petty criminal of the late Twentieth Century who,to avoid prison, volunteers to go on a mission back in time It seems that the capitalist communist rivalry is extending back into time and Ross has to foil a Soviet p [...]

    • I think that I picked this book up because it was on sale or free and I ve been hearing about how great Andre Norton is for years It was a fun story and I can see why people enjoy this type of science fiction, heavy on action adventure and well, not much else, really The characters were good enough to keep me reading and the world building was adequate I turned the virtual pages quickly, but ultimately I just wasn t that excited by any of it and the literary style was kind of flat I would certai [...]

    • Okay I feel a bit like I m back in an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Lovely pulp novels, huzzah While I m not a huge ERB fan, Andre Norton is thus far moderately fun, and definitely less full of the racist and sexist norms of the period That s not to say that it s an amazing novel in fact, I balked at reading it based on the title alone It s not something that really jumps off the shelf at you, and I think it s a bit of a poorly titled novel in general Also it s pulpy as hell I don t see this baby [...]

    • I was definitely in the mood to read something light and quick, and The Time Traders fit this nicely Baen has a free ebook version that also includes Galactic Derelict, which is the second book in the series.Ross Murdock is a convicted criminal who is brought to a secret base and told he will be part of a special operation that involves traveling back in time The Russians are plotting something back in the time of the Beaker people somewhere around 2,000 BCE in Great Britain Ross is sent back wi [...]

    • InThe Time Traders , Norton crafts a Cold War world in which both sides have discovered time travel Somehow, the Russians have technology beyond their capabilities, and so it is Operation Retrograde s job to investigate When Ross Murdock, ignorant of all of this, is given the option to either volunteer or be sent to a rehabilitation centre feared by all convicts, he choses the first one Little does he know that the world as he knows it is about to be turned upside down and backwords in time He m [...]

    • When the petty criminal Ross Murdock stands is offered the choice between a prison sentence or volunteering for a secret government project, he takes the latter, and after some adjustment difficulties he becomes an inter temporal spy and jumps back to the early bronze age to put a stop to Russian time shenanigans So the premise is The cold war expanded into the fourth dimension The book was written i 1958, so very topical However, I did not much care for the the story I appreciated the historica [...]

    • During the Cold War, writers used this subversive conflict as a base for literally thousands of novels An archenemy was the ticket to the best seller list The Time Traders combines science fiction with Cold War intrigue and takes the reader back to almost the beginning of time Ross Murdock, as a young prisoner is offered a chance at redemption If he joins a secrete program, his sentence will be commuted Figuring that almost anything will be better than wasting away where he is, accepts and is fl [...]

    • Andre Norton was one of my favorite authors when I was growing up, but I hadn t read this book before I m not sure I would have if it hadn t been chosen for a group read as I m not a fan of time travel stories The protagonist is not a good guy at the beginning, but he gets involved in a covert mission that he finds is actually fascinating Then he comes to realize that it s pretty dangerous as well By that time he s pretty well sucked in to the excitement And boy does he find excitement It s a go [...]

    • I ve read other books by Andre Norton and liked them fine, but this one just could not hook me The protagonist has no personality to speak of, and neither do any of the supporting cast Was it the spirit of the age A lot of the 60 s and 70 s scifi I ve encountered is very spare in that regard Our cardboard renegade is in a top secret training program, so you d think there d be some good training scenes right Build the world, get to know the rivalries, how the characters relate to each other Nope [...]

    • Read as the July pick for The Sword and Laser.Ironically, for a time travel story, I don t think this book has aged terribly well Originally published in 1958, it s very short by modern standards and the plot is a bit simplistic.Having said that, there were some interesting ideas in the set up and the whole thing romps along quite readably A slightly generous 3 stars probably merits 2.5 if allowed such things

    • Only 2 stars as I think that my issues with this book were to do with me rather than the story itself I found that I just couldn t relate to any of the characters, the writing was shallow without as much depth or description as I would have liked Story line was intriguing but I could not get to grips with the way that it was put across Not my cup of tea.

    • Slow at times, with undeveloped characters and one female we see briefly only twice Definitely feels like two novellas put together, which it is Still, not bad, and surprisingly doesn t show its age as badly as I expected.

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